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The beauty of the catholic faith and gravity of the sacrament of marriage is something so profound. We believe that a catholic wedding has such a great and special significance to it and we are here to capture that just for you. Take a look around at what is it like to work together and for the latest in catholic weddngs.

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Catholic wedding Photography

~ Inquiring with other wedding photographers but are struggling to find common ground?

~ Worrying that the moments unique to your Catholic faith will be missed or documented poorly? 

~ Struggling to explain the importance and gravity of the sacrament taking place to your non-catholic wedding vendors? 

If so, you are in the 

Right place

Are you 


Hello and Congratulations!

We are a husband-wife team of catholic wedding photographers based in Indianapolis and currently serve the greater Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati areas.

Our passion for documenting the beautiful sacrament of marriage stems from the heavenly joy we experienced on our own wedding day. The depth and mystery of the catholic faith inspires us to create beauty through imagery. We are drawn to beauty because beauty transcends our reality. it lifts our eyes to heaven. A beautiful sacramental marriage is a divine event and we want our photography to reflect that!  

Blessed to have photographed 30 + catholic weddings and counting, we put our hearts into creating a wedding photography experience that serves and supports catholic couples.

Not many photographers know why a catholic wedding is different than a standard ceremony. This is where we are different! We are aware of every little area at a catholic wedding mass that makes it so special and powerful. You will never have to worry about explaining what the consecration is or at what point you are receiving communion is to us, we got you!

If you are a catholic couple who desires their wedding photographed professionally yet with great reverence and respect, we would love to speak with you and hear more about your day! 

Please continue to explore below and inquire about our wedding collections and full investment details..

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EVERY sweet in-between moment



we also love to document ...

catholic wedding mass

In Addition to capturing your

- Your first look or "first prayer" without seeing each other before the mass

- The groom's reaction to seeing his bride for the first time and as the bride walks down to him

- The blessing on your forehead, lips, and heart at the beginning on the gospel

- Any special glances or reactions you may have to the homily, wedding mass, and your sweet looks at each other 

- Your wedding vows & exchanging of the rings

- Any traditions you may incorporate into your ceremony such as: The Croatian cross tradition or Lasso tradition

- The Consecration with you both kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament - one of our favorites!

- The Nuptial Blessing

- Sign of Peace

- Receiving of Our Lord in the
 Blessed Sacrament

- Consecration to Mary, St Joseph, or any other special devotions

- The announcement of you as husband and wife for the first time!

 - Your first kiss and joyful recessional down the aisle

what you can expect

our process as catholic wedding photographers

you can always count on us to capture these photos at your wedding Mass....

As practicing catholics ourselves, we understand the importance of having your catholic wedding mass documented with reverence and respect. As we were planning our own wedding and searched for our own photographer, our top criteria was that they understood what moments of the mass were so important and why. When we found them, it was worth every penny to us.

We sure do! After booking, you will receive our preferred vendor list of incredibly talented wedding professionals. Part of your experience through working with us is that your experience with other wedding vendors is great too! If working with other catholic wedding professionals is especially important to you, we have just the people for you!


Do you have vendor recommendations for us?


Yes! We have photographed and attended multiple Traditional Latin Wedding masses and love the timeless beauty and tradition of the TLM.


Have you photographed a Traditional latin Wedding Mass?


Absolutely we do! Right after you book, we will send over a primary timeline based off your wedding mass and reception times along with what we see as best for your individualized day. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have through the process and love to create a stress-free timeline for you as soon as possible!


Do you provide your couples with a timeline?


For a catholic wedding day with a full nuptial mass, we highly recommend a minimum of 8 hours of coverage to ensure everything is documented to perfection! We offer 2 collections - 8 and 10 hours of coverage with the option to add on additional hours a la carté.


How many hours of coverage do you recommend for a Catholic wedding day?


If we are unavailable for your date, we are happy to refer you over to other catholic wedding photographers who we know and trust will provide you with an excellent and professional experience. 


What if I really want catholic wedding photographer but you are booked?


We never want to be in the way or a distraction during any wedding ceremony, especially a wedding mass! We position ourselves quietly on the sides of the aisles, toward the back of the aisle, and only move close when allowed or necessary. Our gear is versatile and allows us to zoom in close even if your church has restrictions on where photographers can stand. We always respect the rules of your church and priest while ensuring all of the important moments of your wedding mass are documented!


How do you capture the wedding mass without being a destraction?


Yes, not a problem! We shoot with professional grade camera bodies and lenses that allow us to take clear and properly lit photographs in low light. Most churches do not allow flash during the ceremony but for any professional photographer, this should not be a problem. No matter what photographer you choose, be sure to ask them if they have experience shooting in low light and if they know how to manage it!


My church is dark and low on natural light, will you still be able to capture the wedding mass?



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Sydney + Jacob

"From the beginning, she was always available to talk and help formulate our vision for our day. She is so easy-going and sweet and we never felt rushed or panicked about needing to take pictures. She made being in front of the camera feel natural! We will treasure the photos from our wedding mass forever. These were the only photos we really cared about, because the Sacrament is what matters most. Colette truly captured the divine. " 

Colette was the perfect wedding photographer for our big day!

Grace & Alex

"She worked so well with our other vendors and made sure everything was set to go. One of the most important things for my husband and I was our wedding mass. Colette's knowledge of the catholic mass allowed her to capture it perfectly and those are photos we will cherish forever. We can not recommend Colette enough! "

Colette was absolutely amazing throughout our entire planning process and wedding day.

Bridget + Johann

"On the day of the wedding, Colette was extremely professional, personable, supportive, and calm. Even though we hadn't met in person before, it honestly felt like having an old friend come to photograph our wedding. She was so organized and prompt, yet never made us feel rushed or stressed. And most importantly, every single photo turned out absolutely beautiful and we will truly cherish them forever. "

Colette went above and beyond to get all the photos we wanted, and so much more, even when we were running behind schedule and got caught in a thunderstorm.

We hope that you learned a bit more about the catholic wedding photography experience with us! For our 2023 and 2024 wedding availability, please inquire below and be sure to share all of the exciting details of your plans so far! We can't wait to meet you!

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