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We are Colette and Tom. Catholic Wedding Photographers based in Indianapolis, also serving couples in Chicago and Detroit. Our love to create meaningful and memorable photographs that stand the test of time. Our style of photography is timeless and elegant, images that will stand the test of time and trends.

 Being a husband and wife team offers our couples the perspetive of because we know exactly what the other needs on a wedding day to create the most seamless experience for our couples. 

Our passion for documenting the beautiful sacrament of marriage stems from the heavenly joy we experienced on our own wedding day. The depth and mystery of the Catholic faith inspires us to create beauty through imagery. We are drawn to beauty because beauty transcends our reality. it lifts our eyes to heaven. A beautiful sacramental marriage is a divine event and we want our photography to reflect that with elegance and artistry. 

 While currently based in the midwest cities of, we will happily travel nationwide internationally for your wedding day.

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Indianapolis Catholic Wedding Photographers

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Over the years, our specialty has settled in the niche of Catholic wedding photography. The profound depth and beauty of the sacrament of marriage is why we pour our heart into documenting a couple's wedding day with reverence and artistry.

Devotion: Our hearts are devoted to preserving the sanctity of Catholic weddings, and we approach each ceremony with deep reverence and respect. With a deep understanding of Catholic wedding traditions, we capture the sacred moments with reverence and authenticity.

Artistry: Our work is inspired by the styles and aesthetics of a bygone era. As hybrid film and digital photographers, we ensure that all your cherished photographs have a timeless and romantic quality.

Legacy: Your photographs are more than just images; they are heirlooms to be cherished by generations to come. We want your images to stand the test of time and trends.

Familiarity: As a husband and wife team, we understand the what it is like to plan and prepare for a wedding and striving to live out a holy and faith-filled marriage. 


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As Catholic wedding photographers, you never have to worry about explaining what images you desire from your Catholic wedding mass. From the consecration to receiving communion, we know exactly what moments to look out for while being reverent and respectful of the sacrament taking place.



  Family and tradition are such important parts of any wedding day! We are firm believers in celebrating the beautiful legacy of your family and love to document those emotional moments between you.

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Timeless and classic gowns, sharp black tuxes, a killer pair of heels, we love collaborating with fashion-forward and stylish couples! Your vision is our inspiration. We thrive on the creative energy that arises when our couples embrace the opportunity to express their unique style on their wedding day. From chic and modern to classic and timeless, we love bringing your fashion-forward dreams to life through our lens.

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Above all, what matters most to you both is the commitment you are making when you say your vows. "I promise to love you and honor you, all the days of my life. " We share this sentiment and believe a beautiful marriage is even more important than a beautiful wedding day. 


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